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Volunteers have played a significant role in each of our milestones by contributing time, skills, enthusiasm and passion in all that they do. Volunteers have served in a variety of capacities in our growing organization. They have served to organize and implement events, been public advocates, served on our governing board, helped with school groups, worked with visitors, helped in the gift store and helped with collections management. The work of our organization has been greatly extended through volunteer service into areas that, otherwise, could not be considered because of limited resources. We are grateful for all that our volunteers do and look forward to continued growth and relationship in the coming year Why Volunteer at the Museum?

  • To meet new people
  • To establish a track record to get a new job
  • To try out a new career
  • To build self-confidence
  • To help another person
  • To build new skills (or refresh old ones)
  • To share what I know
  • To do something meaningful
  • To share a passion To have fun!

Volunteer Positions From retail help to special events the museum offers a wide range of volunteer experiences. Read our descriptions of the volunteer positions currently available. Application Process Screening is a process that helps the museum to select the most suitable candidates for particular roles and engage them in a way that helps to ensure success for the volunteers and for the museum. The New York City Police Museum uses the following screening procedures:

  • Application form
  • Resume
  • Interview
  • Reference checks
  • Agreement for Volunteer involvement
  • Orientation
  • Training requirements
  • Supervision
  • Evaluation process
  • Criminal Background check

Fill out our online application or request one to be mailed or emailed to you: (For the online application, can you try to do an online form or you can attach a pdf form)

Volunteer Coordinator
The New York City Police Museum
100 Old Slip New York, NY 10005
Tel: 212 480-3100
email: info@nycpm.org