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9-11: A Uniform ResponseDear Friends of The New York City Police Museum,

2011 was a banner year for The New York City Police Museum.  The Museum welcomed 82,000 visitors from all over the world, breaking all previous attendance records.

The Museum commemorated the 10 year anniversary of 9-11 by mounting a special exhibit in partnership with the Associated Press.  9-11: A Uniform Response highlighted the heroism of the first responders on that day and the weeks and months that followed.  The Museum also honored the 100 year anniversary of the NYPD’s Motorcycle Unit with a special exhibit highlighting the legacy of the Highway Patrol. 

In January, The New York City Police Museum opened The Junior Officers Discovery Zone, an interactive exhibition for children, tripling the number of families visiting the Museum and doubling the number of memberships. 

The Museum also completed a $4 Million capital project to restore the exterior of the landmarked building that once served as the NYPD’s 1st Precinct Station House.

Hall of HeroesExhibition Plans

The Museum plans to install a Hall of Heroes Memorial to honor the fallen officers of the New York City Police Department. The Hall of Heroes will include interactive kiosks to tell the stories of these heroes and their service to the City of New York.

Behind the Shields is an exhibit that explores the rich history of the New York City Police Department from the Dutch rattle watch of the 1600s to the modern day NYPD.

The Museum in the Community The Museum in the Community

Many New York families, members of service, and school and community groups visit the Museum for free or at a substantially reduced rate. 

  • The Museum serves over 15,000 school children a year, at a cost of $100 a group.
  • Museum programs and visits are free to families who attend Head Start programs. Over 500 Head Start family members have visited the museum over the last year.
  • The Museum serves over 5,000 children from community groups from throughout the five boroughs.
The Museum in the Community With the holiday season upon us, we rely upon the generosity of the Museum’s donors to allow us to continue to fulfill our mission to serve the community by providing educational outreach, programming, and quality exhibits that tell the story of the largest and finest police department in the world.  Your donation will sustain the work of the Museum and allow us to continue to serve all the communities of New York.

Warmest regards,

Julie Bose
Executive Director

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