The Junior Officers Discovery Zone
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The Junior Officers Discovery Zone
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Junior Officers Discovery Zone is a fun place for children ages 3-10 to learn about Police. The exhibition is divided into four areas; Police Academy; the Park and Precinct; Emergency Services Unit; and a Multi-Purpose Area for programming. Each area has interactive and imaginary play experiences for children to understand the role of Police Officers in our community.

Activities for younger children include driving and taking care of a Police car, ‘The Sounds of New York’, a magnet board with Police Officers in uniforms from the different units and the 1st precinct climbing structure.

For older children there is a crime scene observation activity that will challenge children to remember relevant parts of city street scenes,; a physical challenge similar to those at the Police Academy and a model Emergency Services Unit vehicle where children can climb in, use the steering wheel and lights, hear radio calls with Police codes (e.g. 1052 for “disturbance” and 1063 for “going to lunch”) and see some of the actual equipment carried by The Emergency Services Unit.

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ESU truck
A freestanding truck which is designed to look like a real life NYPD ESU utility vehicle gives visitors a chance to learn about the wide variety of work involved in the Emergency Service Unit. Learn Police radio calls, drive the truck with sirens and realistic sounds, and see actual ESU equipment

Police Car
Geared for younger children, the Police car has the lights and sounds of a real Police Car. The car has buckets and sponges for a quick wash down too!

1st Precinct Building
This climbing structure shows all of the elements of a sergeant’s desk in a Police Precinct. Look through viewers at iconic scenes of New York; Say hi to Apollo the Police dog, dress up in uniform and check the chalkboard for the days jobs.

Fingerprint Station
Everyone’s fingerprints are unique. Take a look at yours and find out what kind of prints you have.

Jr. Detective
To enter the academy, new recruits must show that they have strong observation skills. Look at the New York street scenes then test your own observation skills.

Physical Challenge
Police Officers must be strong and fast. Try this physical challenge similar to challenges at the Academy. How many times can you run back and forth between the lit buttons in 30 seconds?

Sounds of the NYPD
Press the Officer and hear him use his whistle, what sound does the Police dog make? The Police motorcycle? How many sounds of New York can you hear?

Magnet Board
There are many different units in the NYPD, each with their own uniform. Match the Officer with the equipment she uses. Who is a part of the bicycle unit? Who is part of the harbor unit?

Look in the Police locker. Police Officers on patrol wear a special uniform so everyone can see who they are. Officers carry special equipment to make sure that all of us are safe. What equipment do you see?

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