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New York City Police Museum; 100 Old Slip; New York, NY 10005; T: (212) 480-3100; Monday through Saturday - 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
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Building History
Our building at 100 Old Slip was built in 1909-11 and designed by the notable architectural firm of Hunt & Hunt. This building was constructed as the new home for the First Precinct. It was considered a model police facility when built and chiefs of police throughout the country visited the new stationhouse looking to copy some of its features in their own new buildings. This building replaced another stationhouse built on the exact same spot in 1884, in fact the new stationhouse used the same foundation as the building it replaced. The 1884 stationhouse was constructed on the site of the former Franklin Market.

It was built in the Neo-Italian Renaissance style. Its visual power was created by a rhythmic series of tall arches, heavy rusticated walls and restrained ornamentation. The building's distinctive profile with its dominating cornice is reminiscent of the Palazzo Riccardi in Florence.

The 1st Precinct was housed here until 1973, at which time the 1st and 4th precincts were merged. As a result of the merger, the 1st precinct name was kept but the personnel were moved to the larger 4th precinct stationhouse further uptown.

In December 2001, the building was re-purposed and dedicated by then Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani as the home of The New York City Police Museum.

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